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Course Details

TitleAfrican Fall School on Microbial and Geochemical Oceanography in Upwelling Ecosystems
Listing InstitutionScientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)
Last Date to apply2016-02-01
Course DurationFrom: 2016-03-29  To: 2016-04-29
LocationHenties Bay and Swakopmund, Namibia
DescriptionThe Benguela Current creates one of the world’s strongest upwelling system that is the basis for a rich biodiversity and an economically important fish stock productivity. This year’s research topics are focused on questions related to microbial and geochemical processes that assure the proper functioning of the ecosystem. Topics of interest are the cycling of nutrients and trace elements between sediments and the water column, the release of CO2 and the loss of nitrogen and associated acidification in oxygen minimum zones and the diversity of microorganisms that mediate these processes. Another line of experiments is devoted to the natural mechanisms that can lead to phosphorite deposits, to causes of toxic microbial blooms and the search for biotechnologically useful marine microbes. Participation requires interest in carrying out a research project during the course and being recommended by project supervisors. The students are asked to propose research projects, which lead to discoveries and to a better understanding and the sustainable exploration of the BUE.
Instruction LanguageEnglish
Minimum Educational Requirement(students)Early career researchers (PhD candidates and post-doctoral researchers, but also Honors M.Sc. students majoring in one of the ocean science fields and scientists holding an equivalent advanced degree)
Application Documents Requirmenthttp://www.microeco.ethz.ch/rgno_namibia_16/RGNO_2016_Application_Form.pdf
Sponsors' Availabilityhttp://www.microeco.ethz.ch/rgno_namibia_16/RGNO_Namibia_16.html#financial_support
Contact InformationEdosa Omoregie, RGNO Course Coordinator Sam Nujoma Campus University of Namibia e-mail: omoregie@unam.na phone: +264 64 502 600
Related Websiteshttp://www.microeco.ethz.ch/rgno_namibia_16/RGNO_Namibia_16.html
KeywordsBenguela, upwelling, biogeochemistry

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